About Us

At Colab our passion is driven by a strong desire to collaborate with businesses to affect a more comprehensive and effective approach towards business strategy formulation and execution.

Colab was born from a strong desire to assist business and marketing leaders and their teams in adapting to major technological changes impacting heavily on marketing, media, IT and digital.

These changes have disrupted the status quo of business and have highlighted powerful new strategies on how best to achieve success in a digitally enabled but more fragmented world.

To reach, engage with, and convince consumers to transact with a brand has become a much more complex endeavour, and one which requires a new way of strategizing, planning and executing business, marketing and sales practices.

With the rise of a technologically lead consumer journey traditional methods and models doing business are no longer working as well as they once did.

Businesses & their Brands need a new thinking and model.

Our Promise

To support brave leaders to successfully deliver a more relevant and meaningful experience to consumers, replacing ineffective and interruptive methods and models with a fresh strategies aligned to delivering effectively on business strategy and validated consumer needs throughout the buyers journey to purchase and loyalty building.

Our Partners

  • We are open to work with any business, brand and agency across any industry and territory, no matter what stage the business is in.
  • We are not governed by invisible reporting lines, local or
    global supplier or departmental alignments or controls, P&L’s or KPI’s.
  • We put the business and brand in the middle and facilitate the process for
    achieving the business, operational, marketing, customer & sales goals for the long-term.
  • We treat everyone equally whether you are a Multi-Million-Dollar-Multinational or a One-Man-Band.
  • We are trusted & respected.
  • We deliver Real value.