AI & Apple could eat Facebook & Google’s lunch by liberating the most valuable asset in media…

We have all experimented with voice assistants like Apple’s Siri but still in 2018 I don’t use it as regularly as I would like to.

Why is that?

Well in my opinion the user experience has been poor in that ‘she’ doesn’t understand my voice and the quality of her outputs versus the quality of my inputs are mismatched.

So I would rather open up a weather app than ask Siri what the weather is. My expectations are not met and my behavior is such that it won’t change (using apps) as the marginal improvements in time saving or quality of the user experience is not yet justified.

I feel the key to changing this lies in the concept of control and resultant lack of data.

Apple is notoriously famous for being a ‘closed’ company that doesn’t interface as well with other companies and if they do it is under their rules and revenue sharing agreements. Think about the App Store and the need to conform to their App standards and sales commission structures.

Controls are good as it makes sure things work optimally, however controls are bad when it involves an individuals data and the inability to fully benefit off it.

Herein lies the problem.

What is the solution?

A personal AI that utilizes all the data across all your digital behaviors and apps and presents it to you in a super useful and customizable format. An truly open customer-centric blockchain that allows you to get fairly rewarded for the use of your data, hereby disrupting the digital advertising economy as we know it today.

I call it MIAI.

Imagine if all the data from all your daily habits are shared to combine it in a format that allows you to:

  • Be Aware
  • Make better Choices
  • See the Results of these Choices

But what if each of these was smarter and I could know how I could optimise this time by networking with other likeminded people who like listening to the same Podcast, exercises at the same gym and is looking for a Business partner .

The options are endless when you consider what you spend your daily data consumption on and what data gets inputted by you hourly. Your Notes, Messages, Likes, Reads, Listens, Steps, Location, Friends.

Imagine if Apple liberated the control of their most valuable asset… it’s Customers?

The technology is available (blockchain) the platforms are available (iOS, iPhone and iCloud) and most importantly the timing is ripe where thanks to Facebook trust in tech companies is at one of its lowest levels.

The opportunity for one of the 4 members of this new industrial complex to be a truly ‘consumer-centric’ is now. I believe Apple is best positioned to be the company to delivery on their strong consumer privacy values (google FBI and Apple) by giving consumers the power of their data in their own hands.

Much like Tesla’s ambitions of your autonomous vehicle to be liberated into a self-driving fleet so it can earn you some extra income while you are not using it.

Apple could provide its customer the benefit of integrating valuable information all in one place and the ability to earn an income from whichever company wants to use it for new product R&D modeling or to reach your attention.

Since advertising is not the lifeblood of Apple’s business, where it is for Alphabet & Facebook. As consumer’s attention addiction to Facebook feeds, WhatsApp messages, Instagram stories, YouTube videos increases.

The question needs to be asked how much is your attention worth and why are you not getting rewarded for being distracted by the engineers whom are the smarter people on this planet?

NYU Stern Professor of Marketing Scott Galloway best sums up the current situation when he famously says that in the 40’s the brightest minds developed the atom bomb, in the 60’s they put a man in space and on the moon. Today the brightest minds on the planet with access to the most capital and technologies want to “Sell you a F$cking Nissan!”

We know that by nature of the high cost of entry into the Apple family, on average an Apple users have a higher income level than an Android users.

Therefore an Apple user would be valuable to companies wanting to target the top earners wallets.

I welcome your ideas, as a personalized and profitable AI in your pocket become a reality in the future and is not just a tech buzzword.

MIAI (My AI) by Will Green @willjngreen

7 June 2018